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Reduce falls, enhance wellbeing, and help heal

Emotions run high in hospitals. Patients, families, doctors, nurses, and countless other people vacillate from fear and exhaustion to relief and elation in the span of a few minutes, hours, or days. The floor is the last thing on anyone’s mind. And if it’s the right floor, that’s the way it should be.

Keep your loved ones safe
Floors Dedicated to Improve any Healthcare Environment

The floor is a critical part of the support team. They can prevent falls, leave nurses with a spring in their step even after a 12-hour shift and help provide a sterile environment to prevent infections from spreading. Ultimately, flooring that’s good for health professionals is flooring that’s good for patient care and health outcomes. Our floors even quiet the rush of hospital activity so patients can get a healing night’s sleep. That’s why hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities around the world give ECOsurfaces a clean bill of health.

The perfect flooring solution for your entire facility

From the emergency room to the operating room. And everything in between - patient rooms, nurses stations, NICU and labs - ECOsurfaces offers everything you need for your healthcare facility. ECOsurfaces help to create safe, ergonomic and quiet environments in the midst of long shifts, rolling beds and loud medical equipment.

PVC Free

ECOsurfaces' PVC Free flooring solutions offer superior hygiene while improving safety, acoustic performance, ergonomic support and comfort under foot.

Heterogenous Vinyl

Our Heterogenous vinyl flooring products feature a non-porous, printed top layer, providing endless design possibilities, lasting performance and a low maintenance cost. All heterogeneous vinyl products are factory fusion bonded to a vulcanized composition rubber base layer for increased safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits.


ECOsurfaces line of durable vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) surfaces provided added slip resistance, making them an ideal solutions for a variety of applications.


ECOsurfaces turf surfaces are designed to provide a complete fitness, functional training and competitive experience. Our turf products are durable, slip resistant and provide added safety, ergonomic, and acoustic benefits when fusion bonded or field united to a base layer.


ECOsurfaces underlayment products offer superior long term acoustical benefits for a multitude of applications.