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Flooring with a purpose

Rx is a collection of premium flooring products developed and manufactured to meet the extreme challenges experienced in commercial environments. Leveraging patented itsTRU™  technology, Rx products provide force reduction and energy restitution in every step.

Key Features

  • Easy to maintain and sanitize
  • Lower in-room impact sound
  • Hygienic because if heat-welded installation
  • Returns energy to user
  • Provides comfort underfoot

Rx Collection

Forest Rx

From a medical/acute Care facility, to a Yoga studio, Forest Rx offers exceptional acoustical, safety and ergonomic benefits no matter the application.

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Crossings Rx

Crossings Rx's unique textile-inspired patterns make it the perfect flooring solution for a range of healthcare, education, and wellness applications.

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Cosmos Rx

Cosmos Rx's subtle highlights create a dynamic floor perfect for any healthcare or education setting.

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Infinity Rx

Infinity Rx's modern linear visual accompanied by enhanced acoustic, safety, and ergonomic benefits.

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Strait Rx

Strait Rx is the perfect flooring solution for a multitude of application due to its enhanced hygienic properties resulting from its heat-welded installation.

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Aurora Rx

This two-layered PVC-free surface is specifically manufactured to reduce the severity of fall-related injuries while mitigating liability.

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Nada Rx

Nada Rx features a 2mm PVC-free resilient surface layer, designed for commercial spaces where hygienic conditions are most important.

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